Create your own interactive video lesson!

"Zaption is an affordable and beneficial tool for engaging students, holding their attention and assessing their understanding."- Andrea, Math teacher at a charter public school

How to sign up:

1. Select the "Join Free" button

2. Place your first & last name in the appropriate boxes as well as a password & valid email

3. Now you can make your own tours & watch other people's!

-Also you can sign up through Facebook, Google, or even Edmodo-

"Zaption makes differentiation doable!" - Bill Ferriter

How much does it cost?

There are three "packages" one can sign up for:

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro Classroom: $89/year (1 instructor)
  • Pro Campus: $995/year (15+ instructors)

"Easy to use and helps the students to stay more focused and engaged."- Katy, Tech teacher

Can I share my Zaption creation?

You can share your video lesson through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, & Google+.

"Video is a strong motivator for students. I think it promotes media and visual literacy."- Virak, Elementary school teacher

"Great way to ensure students learn content from the video and not just watch in order to answer the questions."- Edwin, Middle school teacher

Zaption - Don't just watch. Learn.

"I would use Zaption as a way of incorporating videos into my daily journal write assignments."- Dino, 4th grade teacher

Uses in the classroom:

  • Have class discussions
  • Exposure to new topics
  • Individual or group quizzes and tests
  • Add your own input to videos

"I would recommend this tool because it is interactive and easy to use."-Pauline, High school teacher