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Engagement rings Melbourne CBD

The Different Types of Engagement rings Melbourne CBD

Since engagement rings symbolize an eternal love, it is important that men know how to get the best rings for their girlfriends. The engagement ring doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to look the best. As a matter of fact, there already classy but affordable engagement rings available in different jewelry stores.To help you in buying the perfect engagement ring, you can check out these different types of engagement rings based on the central gem.

Engagement rings Melbourne

· Sapphire

With a Blue Ceylon Sapphire as the central gem, the Isolde is one of the most captivating Engagement rings Melbourne CBD. The blue Sapphire is surrounded by round diamonds to enhance the overall beauty of the engagement ring. Moreover, the ring’s band is made from 18 carat white gold and yellow gold metals.Iris is another engagement ring having a Blue Ceylon Sapphire gem in the oval shape. It is one of the most sophisticated engagement rings because it has a white gold band surrounded by brilliant diamonds. Moreover, the Sunset is another engagement ring popular in the jewelry store. Sunset is different from other engagement rings due to its split band made from an 18 carat white gold metal. In addition, the engagement ring has a 2.21 carat pear-shaped Golden Sapphire as its central gem.

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· Diamond

The central gem of Pacifica is a six-claw diamond which is cut to perfection. Each claw consists of a round diamond that undoubtedly sparkles brilliantly. Just like any other engagement ring, Pacifica’s band is made from an 18 carat white gold. If you’re fascinated with white gold tri-bands, then you should consider buying Bella. Its central gem is made from a 1.01 carat diamond surrounded by 22 round diamonds having a 0.30 carat weight. Aria is another engagement ring having a 0.7 carat diamond as its central gem. In addition, the engagement ring has an 18 carat yellow gold band.