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rio de Janerio

airfare cost and schedule

I am traveling from Denver to Rio De Jinero . My flight will leave Denver at 3:39 pm and I will arrive into Rio around 11:25 am, which includes 2 lay over's . The first layover will be in Chicago ,Illinois O'Hare International airport . My second layover will be in Sao, Paulo Brazil Guarulhos International airport . Also on the way back to Denver I will have to 2 more layover's from Rio to back to Denver, Co . These two layovers will be stopping at Sao, Paulo Brazil Guarulhos International airport . My second stop will be at Washington ,DC Dulles International airport . I will be flying on United Airlines , I will also be gone for 15 whole days . I will be departing on Wednesday, 16th of April, and I will be back on Wednesday April 30th . This flight will cost around $12,398 round trip on United airlines .


I am making a reservation at a 5 star hotel called, Belmond Capacabana Palace . It is one of the worlds most famous land marks. This hotel is located on a famous Capacbana beach , with its beautiful white sand spectacular view's .This hotel offers spectacular ocean view and direct access to the beach. Belmond Capacbana Palace is nearby Sul Mall , an upscale shopping center also including to most important tourist destinations including Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado with its Christ the Redeemer Staute. The drive shorlty located a short drive away .

I will be staying in a Pen house suite . This suite has a king size bed and a marble bathroom, with bath and separate shower . Also a private swimming pool and terrace , and a fully stocked mini-bar . Another thing there is in this gracefull hotel is a " private swimming pool and terrace, and a mini bar inside .

This hotel is designed with only the fine period furniture and original works of art , creating a elegant yet relaxed ambiance. It also includes a rooftop tennis court , and a beachfront facilities including towels , lounge chairs and attentive beach side staff. Also the hotel is a trendy and fun night club , Bar do Copa, one of Rio's hottest night spots .

Over all this hotel would cost over $349 .,


Corcovado Mountain, Christ Redeen Mountain Day Tour is a perfect place to go sight seeing . This beautiful sight seeing veiw is one of two of Rio's most popular tours on a full-day excursion also packed with breathtaking views . This mornig tour begins with a panormain tour of down town Rio . Also this panormamic urban tour abide's with a visite to the traditional Cinelandia Square whre youll be able to see historic bulidings such as theMunicipal Theater. In conclusion Youll injoy a nice luch at a sputactlar seafood restaurant . This whole tour would likely cost about 167$ the whole day

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Some of the conflicts in Rio de Jinero are , their money . Their money is not like ours, Rio de Jinerio has their money sorted a different way then America. They have 10,100,100 dollar bills but they use it different .

Also another disatvantedge is main streets. Their main streets are very busy , there are many people that crowed them with there cars , bikes and and theirselfs . Also in Rio some people can be a little to violent . Witch is not a very good thing .

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While there are many places to go , my destation Rio de Janerio . My flights were avalible because i booked