Special Area Update

Oaks Chesterbrook Academy Elementary


Junior Kindergarten - Students have used the ABC Mouse website, now we are creating pictures to go along with the classroom Arctic unit.

Kindergarten - We have learned about Martin Luther King, Jr, discussed fair and unfair and are drawing pictures that we will add to a slide show about equality.

1st Grade - We have been creating slide shows about the new year.

2nd Grade - We have been creating New Years slide shows and making tables on the iPad to organize information.

3rd Grade - We have been working on slide shows and created coupons on iPads for our store flyers.

4th Grade - We have created a slideshow on the iPads about the best of 4th grade. We are beginning an invention project.

5th Grade - We have been creating budgets in Numbers on the iPads and giving financial advice!



JK: The Junior Kindergarten students have been reviewing the various topics we have covered thus far in class by participating in a verity of activities though center rotation.

K: The Kindergarten students finished a unit on Being Active. The students are able to explain the importance of participating daily physical activities, demonstrate good posture principles and recognize why sleep and rest are necessary for good health.

1st: The First grade students started a unit on Keeping Active. Throughout the chapter the students will be able to identify benefits of good posture. They will also be able to describe activities that enhance individual health throughout life, such as enough sleep, nutrition, and exercise. They will also be able to explain the importance of stretching before and after exercising along with the importance of wearing protective equipment to prevent injury.

2nd: The second grade students finished a unit on Food for Fitness. In groups the students worked together to plan a dinner menu for a week. They were required to create a full, balanced, and healthy meal for each day based upon MyPlate.

3rd: The third grade students started a unit on “Activity for a Healthy Body.” By the end of the chapter the students will be able to explain how to keep their bodies fit; ways to stay safe while taking part in physical activity and understand why sleep is important.

4th: The fourth grade students finished a unit on Food and Your Health. The students worked together in group to research one of the six basic nutrients. After researching their assigned nutrient each group created a visual then presented to the class.

5th: The fifth grade students are continuing to studying a unit on Being a Wise Consumer. They are in the process of working together in pairs to create an advertisement for a health care product. The advertisement is to persuade consumers to buy their product.


JK-1st: The students finished a unit on rhythm and dance. Throughout the unit the students were able to coordinate body movement with various rhythms. They danced the Sid shuffle, Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, Chicken dance and the YMCA.

2nd -5th: The student have been working on an Ultimate Frisbee unit. Throughout the unit the students have learning various throwing and catching skills. They also learned different offence and defense strategies. By the end of the unit they were able to apply these skills and techniques in order to play a successful team game of Ultimate Frisbee.


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This week in the art room most of the classes will begin African Art projects. With the "trip" to Africa we wil be reading African folk tales featuring the trickster Anansi the spider.

Junior K is finishing their amazon rainforest frog collage

Kindergarten is finishing their rainforest collage and their South American Maracas (see photo above)

1st grade is beginning their African Zulu basket-weaving project

2nd grade is working on weaving paper into an African Kente cloth inspired “cloth”

3rd grade is beginning African masks

4th grade is working on their Brazilian Carnival masks

5th grade is finishing their woven fish collage and will state their Egyptian sarcophagus project.


Spanish in January​

Junior Kindergarten: We learned how to say family members, house rooms and parts, and also the Spanish ABCs.

Kindergarten: We learned about classroom objects and the names for different rooms in the school.

1st Grade: We learned a few math terms and then created our own math problem. We also learned direction words and items in the classroom.

2nd Grade: We learned about family vocabulary and used the verb "tener" in sentences. We also learned about different modes of transportation.

3rd Grade: We learned about different food and how to describe it. We are working on creating a menu.

4th Grade: We have been hard at work conjugating verbs and seeing them in their different forms in sentences.

5th Grade​: We learned vocabulary about being healthy and sick. We also created a description of an alien.


In music class this month our students are having a lot of fun!!!

Junior Kindergarten has been learning to work together as a team to create music. They learned to play with hand bells and were able to play an "Anklung"; a traditional instrument from Indonesia.

Kindergarten classes have been learning to play the marimba for the first time. we have been working together on these wonderful instruments to play melodies as well as simple harmonies.

First and Second Graders are working on composing a rhythmic piece that can be clapped or played on a variety of percussion instruments. They have been using their sight rhythms to compose these pieces.

Third and Fourth graders are composing pieces to be played on the Marimba. They are using limited pitch and rhythm material to come up with their own themes and melodies.

Fifth grade has begun to write the libretto (text) for their original opera based on the fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper.” They will soon be setting their libretto to music.