Town of Sunnyvale - July 31, 2021

Atmos Energy to conduct maintenance

Atmos Energy will perform routine maintenance resulting in the safe removal of natural gas on Monday, Aug. 2 from approximately 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 4657 E. Scyene Road in Sunnyvale. Residents in the area may hear a noise and the scent of mercaptan, a harmless odorant that gives natural gas its “rotten egg” smell.

Atmos Energy customers will not experience any service interruption while the work is being performed.

Town requests bids for street projects

In fiscal year 2020/2021, staff worked with RoadBotics to inventory streest in Sunnyvale to assess conditions and to prioritize needed repairs. As a result of this process, the Town of Sunnyvale has issued two Requests for Bids.

The first bid is for concrete repairs for Clay Road that will include replacement of 20 concrete panels as well as a French drain system to decrease water present under the roadway.

The second bid request is for asphalt replacement or repairs to several Town roads, including:

  • Town East (East Fork to Polly) – Replacement
  • Town East (Tower Place – Collins) – Repair
  • East Fork (Gloria to Town East) – Replacement
  • Long Creek (Clay to Larkin) – Replacement
  • Polly (Barnes Bridge to East Fork) – Replacement
  • Gloria (Town East to end) – Repair
  • N. Collins (Tripp to Redstone) - Repair*

The Town has worked with Alliance Geotechnical Group to study traffic counts and to collect soil samples to provide a subgrade prescription for road replacements. To view the request for bids, go to: BIDS

Jobson Road is also prioritized highly and will be bid out separately due to the funding source.

*Collins Road from Tripp to Redstone is rated poor; however, it is being repaired versus replaced due to an anticipated replacement in the next two years.

Board and Commission Vacancies

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