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In Celebration of Life!


Pre-planning is important in order to alleviate the stressors during such difficult times. Here at Eternal Rest we would like to help you prepare you and your loved ones for these difficult times. Why pre-plan?

1. Ensure that all your wishes are met.

2. Alleviate difficulties for family left behind.

3. Avoid unnecessary over spending.

Our goal at Eternal Rest is to guide you in creating the perfect memorial service for you and your loved ones.

We Want, What You Want...

At Eternal Rest we would like to help you plan the best way for you and your loved ones to celebrate the life of your loved one. There are many different religions and process' for celebrating ones life. Lets come together and make the perfect day! Some things to think about.

Would you like to be cremated or buried?

Do you have ceremonial preferences?

How many memorials?

What about Cost and restrictions?

Let us know what you need, let us do all the work!

Things To Think about...

What kind of music would you like? Do you have a Specific Eulogy?

Who would you like to speak for you, a specific church leader, family member?

Have you chosen a burial ground, casket, urn?

Are you an organ donor? Would you like to be buried with anything special?

A Funeral or Memorial service can become very demanding with all the decisions to be made. Why not plan ahead of time and when that time comes spend it with your family and friends knowing that they will all be taken care of.

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Let Us Help You Keep Tough Times Stress Free

Call: 1-800-ETERNAL

Speak With: Holly Jones

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