Alice High School Newsletter

January 19, 2015

School Doors

Please be advised that all school doors will be locked every day at 8:00 a.m. Our front doors are now equipped with a camera and a locking system such that someone in the office has to allow visitors into the building. If your room is near an exit, we need your help to make sure the doors remain locked.

We will have signs posted indicating that all doors are locked at 8:00 a.m. and anyone needing entrance into the building must report to the front entrance. If someone knocks on the doors and wants in, please do not open them. Do not send students to see who is knocking. If the knocking persists, please call the office and we will send security or an administrator to check on it.
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Classroom Expectations and Classroom Visits

As we begin this second semester, we want you to know that classroom visits will be occurring with more frequency. Please be mindful of the expectations your administrative team has for instruction and classroom management: High levels of student engagement, hands-on opportunities, cooperative learning opportunities, and high-yield strategies.

Remember to focus the students' learning by drawing their attention to the objective, and the cognitive verb of the objective. Make certain they know what it means to organize, or to analyze, or to compare, etc.

Remember to check for understanding frequently and to use randomization when calling on students. Please maintain proximity with your students. Think back to the trainings provided by Alice ISD and consider how you can implement some of those strategies.

It is difficult to give your students your best---which is what they deserve---if you are not prepared. Please be in your rooms by 7:45 so that you are able to greet your students as they arrive to your room and to have your copies made, your objective posted, and everything in place so that you may begin promptly.

We look forward to seeing the many good things we know will be happening in your classrooms. Carpe diem!

Please check dress code every period!


We are working to keep people from parking along the curbs in front of the school. Please help us spread the word that there should be no parking in these areas as these are fire lanes and must remain open for emergency vehicles. The lanes become very constricted when vehicles park along both cubs. Thank you!

Running Late

We know that some mornings are foggy and that there may be things beyond your control that might delay your arrival to work, but if you are running late and see that you will not arrive to work in time for first period, please let Kat know so that we can cover your class until you arrive. We never want students to be unattended.
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Game Night is Tonight!

Please remind your students about game night. In addition to our basketball games happening on Tuesdays and Fridays, tonight we will have our first Game Night. For $5 students may play games that they bring or any games that we provide. This includes XBox games that students bring. We will provide a projector. If you are available, come to the activity center and join us! A concession stand will be available as well.
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•Keep students in the classrooms as much as possible. If they ask to go to the restroom, you might allow them to go provided they leave their phone behind. This will often keep them in the classroom.

•Tell students when they will need their phones or tablets. If they don't need it in class that day, then they should have it put away and not visible.

•Be sure to have 2 grades entered in the grade book each week.

•Have fun!

Trivial Matters

Why do we use X's as kisses at the bottom of a letter?

"During the medieval times, most people could neither read nor write, and even those who could sign their names were required to follow it with an X, symbolizing the cross of St. Andrew, or the contract would be invalid. Those who couldn't write their names still had to end the contract with the X to make it legal. To prove their intention, all were required to kiss the cross, which through time is how the X became associated with a lover's kiss."

Lennox, D. (2003). Customs. In The Little Book of Answers. New York: MJF Books.


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