Game Wardens

a job with no benefits

why being a game warden is hazerdous

Being a game warden what does that mean.Well it means that you'r job is to up hold the law out in the wild.So can that really be that hard, the answer is yes.Why If you look below you will see some examples. Keep in mind that Game Wardens have the same powers as police officers but are payed less why is that. But they face more hazards.

So why be come a Game Warden

Because they are needed to help protect are wild life that is still left on this earth.So if you have a overwhelming sense of duty and want to do a big part, Become a Game Warden.

hours and pay

For those who need to know the hours are brutal you are expected to be on call and able to work any hour of the day and your average pay is only about 50,000 a year. That is lower then a police officer's pay by 10 or 15 thousand dollars. So do you feel that this job is right for you.