By:Shirley Valenzuela


What can ash do to an island with volcano? Some volcanoes shoot out 12 feet of ash and barys the town. Ash is also hot and good for the environment because you can make roads. A volcano is a mountain that is at the crater of the earth and shoot out lava and destroy towns that live in the island.

What is a volcano?


Volcanoes are formed when magma rises deep within the earth. They are found on islands like Hawaii. Scientists who study volcanoes are called Volcanoligists. They learn how volcanoes work or when they will erupt so they can save millions of people.

What are the effects of a Volcano?

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Volcanoes can be a hazard to people, places, and the environment, but they also have benefits. Volcanoes kill people and people lose there homes.Volcanoes ruin properties and homes. Volcanoes are a hazard to the environment because it looks like plants and animals are gone but in a few months later, they will grow back.



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