lung cancer

Phil and his wish

travel plans

They should be flown on a privete jet so they have enough room to breath and to fit his equitment.

they should beaware of coughing

and shortness of breath

they should also make sure that there is medical treatment around

were would they stay?

Phil should stay at the local hospital so any medical procedures could be taken care of at the hospital


Most stage 1 and 2 they are non small lungcancers they are treated with surgery and removal of tumor radation and high diseases of radiation. For stage three cancer when the tumor can not be surgically removed, chemotheraphy and drugs are used.

pros and cons


meets the team

shooting baskets


running out of breath

exrcise will be difficult

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how to overcome his problems he might be facing

Bring medical record

pack medications in original package

check with airlines about syringes airpessure in cabins

supplemental oxygen