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A Fight with Fiddlesticks

What happened?

In our home town Verona, a family feud ended two lives but still not their hatred. The younger generations of the Capulet and Montague families inherited and acted upon their ancient grudge in the town square. The residents of Verona were left shocked and grieved yesterday afternoon when they learnt about the deaths of Mercutio a close friend of Romeo Montague and Tybalt Capulet as well as the exile of Romeo Montague. In an interview with the upset and distraught Benvolio Montague, an eye witness, he says that "Tybalt started the fight. He has always wanted to fight Romeo. Romeo refused to duel with Tybalt which made Mercutio to feel honour bound to stand in Romeo’s place and fight. In the duel that ensued, Mercutio was slain and died.

Romeo was enraged and felt honour bound to avenge the death of friend Mercutio. He sought Tybalt and killed him in a duel."

The prince of Verona was heard banishing Romeo for 'spilling blood' However there are a lot of speculations surrounding this incident. An elderly Verona citizen was heard to say, “How long am I going to live to witness strife from these two families?” The enmity between the two houses; the Capulets and the Montagues is remembered since time immemorial. The enmity is such that when these two families meet, they clash. Even Mercutio’s last words before he died were, “ a plague o' both your houses.” The households of Montague and Capulets are reported to be mourning and threatening vengeance. Could this family feud spill more blood? Once again the Capulets and the Montagues shocked the citizens of Verona as their strife took to the streets which left Proud Tybalt Capulet and Boisterous Mercutio Montague dead and Dashing Romeo Montague banished.

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Weather report

The heatwave that slowed everyone down this weekend shows no sign of sticking around to see it's results of boiling peoples blood throughout the week. Our meteorologists suggest that today's temperature could climb to as high as 38 degrees Celsuis by the late afternoon. After an extremely blazing sun yesterday, we learn that that the boys weren't the only things showing no mercy, but the heat was as well. There is also a storm on the horizon...