Summers' Scoop

November 16 , 2015

New Visitor Authorization Guidelines for District

Our district has developed new visitor guidelines that will be in effect in all district schools. These guidelines state that only parents/legal guardians are allowed to visit students at school without written permission from the parent or legal guardian. In an effort to make this a smooth process, parents/legal guardians may complete a form identifying approved visitors and return it to the front office OR they may choose to send a signed and dated note to the front office indicating the visitor and student names, date and purpose of the visit.

These guidelines apply to visits to the school for activities such as visiting classroom or coming for lunch. Visitors, even with parent permission, will still be required to sign in through Lobby Guard with their license. For school or grade programs held in the theatre, visitors will continue to receive a sticker for the event at the entrance to the theatre.

Veteran's Day Program

I was so proud of the students in our class at the Veteran's Day Program last week! We had students participate in the program by reading the book America's White Table, announcing the moment of silence, putting salt on the table, and of course honoring family members who are veterans. Thank you to parents for your part in making this program a success!

LMES Book Fair

The Media Center at LMES is hosting a Book Fair on November 16-18. If your child is interested in purchasing something from the Book Fair, then send money in a labeled envelope. I will send those students to the Book Fair. You may want to refer to the "Wish List" that students brought home last week for an idea of how much to send.

Families are invited to attend the Book Fair after school on Monday, November 16, from 4:00-6:15.

Classroom Needs

Students are busy writing and erasing in class! We are quickly going through our class supply of pencils and cap erasers. If you are out shopping in the coming weeks and can pick up one of these items to share with our class, then that would be very much appreciated. Another idea would be for your child to have their own large eraser to keep in their school pencil bag for big erasing jobs. I have a few large erasers that we are all sharing right now. Thank you!!

Leadership Jobs

Leadership job sheets have started coming home from the Guidance Department. Your child will need to be responsible for attending their training session and for the days and times that they work. Many of the jobs start later in the school year. With 23 students, I will not be able to keep up with the details of each student's days and times to report. Thank you!

Multiplication Quizzes

Students have been prepared and are ready for their multiplication quizzes. Thank YOU for helping your child study on a daily basis for these fact fluency quizzes. Don't forget about using as one way to study multiplication facts.

Next Quizzes:

November 18 - 7's

Math Update

Students are doing an excellent job of solving multiplication problems using arrays, equal groups, repeated addition, combination tables, and tree diagrams! We will review the information on Monday and plan to have our end of unit test on Monday. A review guide with some completed practice pages will come home on Monday for homework.

Our next chapter in math will be about the inverse operation of multiplication - division! We will use our knowledge of multiplication to solve division problems. All of the weekly practice with multiplication facts will help students as they learn to divide.

ELA Update

Our class did an excellent job of focusing on characters and their inside or personality traits during our character traits unit! It was interesting to notice how and why characters would change during a story, as well as comparing two characters in a story. We will continue to talk about characters in stories throughout the school year.

This week, we are moving on to a non-fiction/informational text focus. Students will notice how they read non-fiction texts differently than fiction texts. We will begin with a focus on non-fiction text features and how they contribute to the story. Our class is already doing an excellent job of using non-fiction text features as we read our Science and Social Studies text books, and Time for Kids Magazine. We will also be noticing that authors use words and phrases in order to inform, explain, and describe the topic.

Science Update

Students enjoyed making "Mock Fossils" last week with sea shells! It was cool to make our own mold (empty space in a rock/clay where something once was) and cast (copy of the mold's shape) of a sea shell! I hope that doing these hands-on activities will help students understand the concepts we are learning in Science.

We will be wrapping up our soil and fossil unit with a quiz later in the week. Watch for a review guide to come home before the quiz.

Social Studies Update

Students have been interested in learning about the first explorers who came to South Carolina. These explorers include: Hernando De Soto, Jean Ribault, and Juan Pardo. These explorers came to the New World from either Spain or France and were all there to explore and claim land "for king and country."

We have been taking notes on these three explorers as we read about them in our book. After a review of these explorers and the vocabulary associated with this chapter, we will have a quiz before we move on to Chapter 5. Watch for their notes and a review guide to come home on Tuesday.

Upcoming Dates

November 16-18 - LMES Book Fair

Monday, November 16 from 4:00 - 6:16 - Family Event at the Book Fair

Thursday, November 19 - Early Release Day

November 25, 26, 27 - Thanksgiving Holidays