IT Revolution In India

By: Justin Welborn

The IT Revolution

The It revolution has effected many people in India in good and bad ways. There are ups and downs in the IT revolution. In this project you will learn about one person and how it effected him. Some people arent as fortunate as he is. A lot of people in india have had a hard time with the IT revolution. There are more and more people are in India and the people that are less fortunate get kicked on the streets. Also some of the tuck tuck drivers have a hard time getting around because the streets are so crouded. Varun is lucky to be so fortunate.

Meeting Varun Joshi

Varun Joshi is a software engineer for the IT revolution. He earns about $14,000 a year and in india that is considered upper class. In america that is more of a lower class. He got a degree from Indian Institute of Technology. He is a IT leader.

How it has effected him

This IT revolution had a great impact on him. He loves his new job. He makes a great living and he loves the working conditions. He has great wealth and he is a working leader. He says that a lot of people can now speak english so they can get into the jobs better. He says that he is very luck to be wealthy because there are many people who have been effected by the IT revolution in a bad way.