Upper Cups Bridge

Purple Table




craft sticks



Material Justification

We used cups to hold up the craft sticks and clay. The cups were sturdier than just laying down the clay. We used the craft sticks so the car could drive on it and we wanted to make a ramp out of them, but we didn't get that far. The craft sticks were the road because they are straight and don't bend. We used the clay so we could hold the craft sticks together. We used the tape to hold the craft sticks down so the car wouldn't fall off when the car was driving.

Improvements for the Future

If we built our bridge again we would change the road. We made the clay too thin and it kept breaking when we moved our bridge to the lockers. We need two ramps for the cars to go up and go down. We also would put something under the ramp to keep the ramp from breaking. We want something under the bridge to make it sturdier. If we put something under it, it would make the bridge hold up better. Next time we could put straws on the bridge to be lights. We should put more sticks on the bridge to make it wider. Making it wider would be better because the car could go through better. We would use tape to hold the craft sticks instead of the clay. The tape is stronger and would last longer. We could put glow sticks in the straws to make them light up. We could make a welcome sign with craft sticks.

Our Group

Miss Emma Caroline Selman

Mr. Julian Alexander Phipps

Mr. Jayden Riley Corr

Mr. Leif ErikThompson