Weekly Reminders

Week 8 Term 1 2021

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Two little PP kids making the most of the 'outdoor' classroom during the morning this week! What a relaxing way to start the day - a chat, a painting and a great view!
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Domestic Violence Services and Resources

For immediate support 24/7, call the Domestic Violence Helplines:

  • Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline: provides support and counselling for women experiencing family and domestic violence (including referrals to women’s refuges). Phone (08) 9223 1188 or free call 1800 007 339.
  • Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline: provides counselling and referrals for male perpetrators, as well as male victims of family and domestic violence. Phone (08) 9223 1199 or free call 1800 000 599.
  • Crisis Care: information and counselling service for people in crisis needing urgent help. Phone (08) 9223 1111 or free call 1800 199 008.

A Comprehensive List of WA Services and Resources:


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Many thanks to Year Three and Year Six

Many thanks to our Year Threes for their Office display and assembly item last week - you did a super job reminding us of the importance of treating each other with respect and adopting the BULLYING - NO WAY message in our everyday choices. Great job kids!

Congratulations to our Year Six classes who also focused on the Bullying No Way theme for today's assembly - so many great reminders for us all!

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From the Principal

Hi everyone! Another busy, productive week here at St Emilies - we hope your week has been a great one too!


A HUGE THANK YOU for your participation at our Two Way Parent Meetings over the past fortnight. We really appreciate the great effort families make to connect in this way as quality feedback greatly supports your child's learning journey. As always, I am extremely grateful to all of my hardworking staff, especially for their generosity of time in making these valuable opportunities available.

Staff are now busy capturing some of the learning opportunities your child has been engaged in over the past eight weeks and sharing these with you as part of a VIRTUAL experience, in Week 9. While I fully appreciate that this is not the same as being onsite as a whole school community, given the constraints we are currently having to deal with, I am indebted to my staff for their willingness to go 'above and beyond' in order to provide you with yet another window (albeit virtually) into your child's learning. In saying this, I implore families to please put some time aside next week to engage with your child and to show your appreciation for both student and teacher efforts. Unfortunately, if families don't make the effort to engage this time we wont be offering it again as it is highly demotivating for staff who have given many extra hours to make it happen. Next week's Weekly Reminders will have all the details you will need to access this Virtual Open Classroom experience so please look out for these.


Today is National Day Against Bullying and Violence.This day recognises two significant issues that affect families, schools and workplaces and calls upon us all to play our part in protecting all children and one another from harm. Children learn a lot from from seeing what others do - especially significant adults in their lives. They are especially attuned and very observant about what goes on at home. Being the very best parent we can be is so important in setting our children up well for having a healthy sense of self, for speaking up when something is happening that is not ok and for dealing with feelings and conflict in a way that does not involve bullying or violence. Here at St Emilie's we continue to be dedicated to making our school a physically and emotionally safe place for all and this takes daily vigilance, good communication, a spirit of cooperation, good support and timely challenge.

A reminder that we need all families to support us by spreading the word about our wonderful school and letting friends and family members know that we are about to commence the Kindy enrolment process early next term. If you know a family that has a child who may be starting next year we would love to hear from them! Thanks everyone!

In the photo above you can see the beginnings of a new structure going up over in the Year One and Two play space. We are extremely fortunate that apart from being a gardener extraordinaire, Mr Glenn Cogger is also a carpenter by trade and a pretty awesome paver, problem solver and fixer-upperer as well! He is currently building this fort near the boat and mud kitchen as another great play space to fire up little people's imaginations! Bravo Glenn!

A special thank you to any families who supported the P&F Hot Cross Bun fundraiser - it is very much appreciated. This year we are having another fantastic play equipment installation in the Kindy play space and these type of special projects just wouldn't be possible without the help of P&F funds.

May your weekend be happy and calm with lots of quality family time!

Take care everyone.

Kindest regards

Tania Thuijs

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Kindy Enrolments for 2022 - do you have a child starting Kindy next year?

Kindy interviews for children born between 1/7/2017 and 30/6/2018 - ie turning 4 before the 30th June 2022 are being held early in Term 2 2021.

Please ensure that you have completed an enrolment form asap as we are currently organising interview dates and times.

You will receive an email from the Office with a link to School Interviews to book a date and time. These will open on Friday of next week.

The Leadership Team will be sharing running these interviews over a period of approximately two weeks early in Term 2 and will involve both new families and exisiting families.

Kindy enrolments are an exciting time for our school - we love to meet new families and touch base with our existing families!

P&F Class Representatives

Thank you to the parents above for volunteering to be Class Reps for 2021.

Their role is to be a positive point of contact for families, to support parents from their year level who may want to organise a class get together and to support our P&F.

Please be kind and supportive of these reps as, like you, they are busy people with busy lives.

Thanks everyone and have a great year!

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What's Coming Up?

Week 8

Kindy OT Screens

Interschool Swimming Carnival @ AquaLife Victoria Park (Year 4-6) Tuesday 23rd March

Board Meeting - TEAMS Mtg - Wed 24th March 6.00pm

Consent2Go form due Friday 26th March

Year 6 Camp @ Woodman Point - Wed-Fri

Palm Sunday - 28th March

Week 9

Kindy OT Screens

MOPS Morning Tea - Monday 29th March in the small hall 8.45 am

Inter School Cricket Carnival--Yr 6 Monday 29th March

P&F Meeting Wednesday 31st March - 8.45am in staffroom

Virtual Open Classrooms - Wednesday 31st March

Holy Week Tableau - Thursday 1st April 8.45am in the hall - run by Year Five


COVID and school - we are still in Phase 4

Parenting Ideas - Article

Parish Contact Details

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Consent2Go - a new way for families to supply family information, medical details and excursion forms

    You will have received an email from the Office reminding you to complete the required form from Consent 2Go.

    Please note that this is a very important task that we need EVERY FAMILY to complete by 26th March.
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School social workers focus on the student in the school environment and work collaboratively with principals and teachers to minimise the impacts of personal, family and school difficulties and, where possible, remove any barriers to learning.

With students as their focus, school social workers provide consultancy, advice and support to principals, teachers and other school staff and to families so that they can best meet the needs of individual and groups of children and young people. There is a strong emphasis on individual student and family counselling and support. This is an amazing opportunity for kids, staff and families and one we have wanted in our school for some time.

Please find below the Parent Referral and Consent Form to access our School Social Worker.

You are asked to read the procedure carefully and also note that Kylie only works two days a week. While she will do her very best to accomodate all family referrals, patience may be required as she prioritises her case load and allows time for observation visits, classroom support and playground involvement.

KIndy Morning Teas - Wednesdays 8.45am in small hall

The P&F are holding an informal morning tea each Wednesday morning for the next three weeks as a way for Kindy parents to connect with each other.
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Establishing Digital Boundaries for the Screen Generation--Dr Kristy Goodwin

God's Story: Palm Sunday
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Kindy Parent Workshop - post Speech and OT Screens

Wednesday 28th April

9.00am -10.00am in the Learning Hub.

This session will be run by the respective therapists and will inform parents of what the Speech and OT Screens involved and how to interpret the results. They will also emphasise the importance of early intervention and how you can be helping at home.

Please confirm your attendance via email to your child's teacher:



Looking forward to seeing you there!

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MSP Specialist Groups Photos

On photo day speciality group images were taken at our school.
These images can now be viewed and purchased at a unique website, which is DIFFERENT to where you order the portraits and class photos online.

1. To place your Order online simply go to https://mspphotography.shootproof.com/

2. Locate the Schools Name, then select the album titled: St Emilies CPS Specialist Groups - 2021
3. You will then be required to enter a password to view the Album. The password for this NCMENW21

4. Please ensure that you use your child’s name at the checkout

5. The images you are viewing are uncropped and will be cropped to fit to a 10x8 print (as per the first image in your gallery, a sample of layout & colour)

  • The online orders will be open until midnight on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 – for the Bulk Pricing Offer
  • The Bulk Pricing Offer is $20 per print and these will be delivered to the school BY CLASS GROUP
  • After the $20 pricing expires, the photos will remain available online, but the photos are now at a cost of $35 per image and delivered to a preferred address.

If you have any queries please contact MSP Photography on 9240 8000 or via email on ordering.perth@msp.com.au

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A friendly reminder that we are asked to try to maintain physical distancing where possible and to use good personal hygiene to protect yourself and the general health of our community. Thank you for your ongoing goodwill and cooperation!

Uniform Shop

Image Embroidery now services our school community's uniform requirements.

For all uniform queries, please contact a member of the Image Embroidery team (contact details below).

Their store is just 5 minutes from St Emilie's for 'try ons' or you can order uniforms via their online form.

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OSH Club is up and running for 2021 and provides a helpful service for St Emilie's families who may require short or long term childminding before and /or after school.

Below is a link to the OSH Handbook:


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St Emilie's Parish

Office hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday

Mail: PO Box 5184, Canning Vale South WA 6970

An appointment to see a priest is required.

Parish Priest: Fr. Jean-Noël Marie

Email: Jean-noel.marie@perthcatholic.org.au

Assistant Priest: Fr. Victor Manuel Lujano

Email: victor.lujano@perthcatholic.org.au

Office Assistant: Roselle D’Souza

Email: stemilie.office@iinet.net.au

2021 Sacramental Dates


As you may be aware, each year we hold a whole school Open Night at the end of Term 1 and at the end of Term 3. Unfortunately, because we are still dealing with Phase 4 COVID restrictions (the 2 square metre rule indoors still applies) we are unable to hold the Open Night as per usual.

We are therefore creating a virtual Open Night - using SeeSaw to share some of your child's learning opportunities and an app to view displayed work around the classroom. We provided this wonderful opportunity last year also, and teachers gave much time and effort to sharing some of the learning with families.

While teachers and students did a really fantastic job getting this together, disappointingly, a number of families simply didn't engage or access the links. Please make the time to sit with your child, to talk to them about their learning, to encourage them and especially praise them for with their EFFORT, PERSISTENCE, PATIENCE, PROGRESS and CAN DO ATTITUDE!

While we would all prefer to be together in classrooms and as a community, it is simply not possible at this time. In Week 9 your teacher will notify you and provide you with clear instructions in regard to accessing your child's work samples. Please take advantage of this opportunity. You are asked to also please appreciate that teachers go 'over and above' to create these experiences for you, so a simple 'thank you' is highly motivating for our hard working teachers!

A great opportunity for kids (and parents) interested in Lego!

RELICS: Bricks of the New World

Scribblers Festival presents RELICS: Bricks of the New World by LEGO Masters Series 2 Winners Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler.

The year is 2530. Humans have long since left planet Earth. After mistreating the natural environment for centuries, they were forced to seek a new home beyond the stars. What remains is little more than an abandoned pile of decaying artefacts and a scattered population of LEGO minifigures.

Built for the young and young-at-heart, using found objects, LEGO, mixed media and multiple layers of storytelling; RELICS: Bricks of the New World is a timely exploration of adaptation, sustainability, diversity and the connections we make with one another.

RELICS: Bricks of the New World is on display at The Goods Shed

26 February – 30 May 2021.

Discover more about the world of RELICS here.

Car Bay Raffle

The lucky winners of the reserved car bay raffle were the Bawa Family(Mannat in Year 1)

Please remember that this bay is for the exclusive use of this family during Term Two.

Thank you

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