WiLd FiReS

science project by: shane and sean

a new solution

spit lugies onto the fire

what have people done to help solve this issue?

scientist have create controlled burns, and also people have started putting out there camp fires, and stoped throwing still lit cigarrettes onto the ground

what wild life is mostly effected by the issue?

Any living organism in the fire, or if its home is being destroyed

what areas are effected most by the fires?

mostly the african jungles, and plaines

what are the negative effects of wildfires?

wildfires burn trees, and destroy shelters for any living organism in the enviornment.

about wild fires, and what our efforts to STOP them do

FiReS effect any region with forests, or fields

wild fires help to fertilize the soil, but can kill an animal, or destroy its habitat

what can i do to help?

put out your camp fire when you leave, or put out the match you used to light the camp fire.