Bearing Great Fruit

With Classical Conversations

Want to raise up a child who will bear great fruit? Join our Central Texas Area Manager, Tressa Strickland, as she shares how Classical Conversations can help cultivate fruit bearing children. Tressa will help us know what it takes to be rooted in knowledge, she will guide us through growing in understanding, and lastly cast vision for bearing great fruit in wisdom.
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We believe that every child is uniquely and wonderfully made and that parents can be the best teachers for their children. Through our Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge programs, we provide support to home educating families. We would be thrilled to have you join us!

Need Vision?

Perhaps you are just getting started with your first child and want to see where this classical homeschooling road will take your family. Come, listen and be inspired by the vision Classical Conversations has to offer. Begin with the end in mind!

Need a Plan?

Maybe you are entering into homeschooling with an older child, having spent time in other academic environments, or have multiple children spanning a wide age range. You'll be able to learn more about how Classical Conversations' programs offer something for each of your children!

Need Support?

If the journey seems overwhelming, you will want to come and hear about the support and encouragement offered through a community of like-minded homeschooling families.


Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 7-9pm

Austin, TX 78723

Please RSVP to Jenni Lafferty

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About Tressa:

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Tressa has been homeschooling her fabulous four for seven years, and educating with Classical Conversations for four years. She has had students in Foundations, Essentials, Challenge A, B, and I. She's explored the many roles of C.C. including Foundations Tutor, Foundations Director, Support Manager, Trainer, and Area Manager.

Tressa values the academic trajectory for her students, as well as the parent/student accountability throughout the year. She has purpose and clarity as a mom and educator. She could not imagine homeschooling through high-school without Classical Conversations.

Other than family life and academics, Tressa is also an avid gardener and enjoys the many fruits of her labor. She also writes preschool curriculum, and serves the girls of the juvenile detention center with her church organization. Tressa loves life and aspires to share life with others.