Home Design of the Future

By: Emily Martins

Sustainable Ecosystems

My future home would be found in Ontario. The biome Ontario is found in is a deciduous forest biome. To create a "green" environment around my home, I will need to have many plants. Some plants I would include are: lichen, moss, ferns, wildflowers, shrubs, maple trees, oak trees, and birch trees. The more plants the better! In addition to growing plants, I would also have a vegetable garden in my backyard. Some foods I would grow are: tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, onions, peas, and peppers. I would probably not use pesticides on my vegetable garden because, it can be very harmful if not used properly. Instead, I could use a fertilizer. Of course I would also have many windows in order to get as much natural light in my house as I can. The mode of transportation I would park in my driveway would be a bike. A bike is very eco-friendly because it does not need any gas to be used. Cars produce a lot of air pollution and I would like my ecosystem to be sustainable so the less cars the better. If I need to go somewhere that is too far to bike, I can take public transit. Some of the waste management systems I would have in my home is a compost bin and recycling bins. It is important to recycle because, if we don't, everything will go in the garbage and that is bad for the environment. The animal my family would sponsor at my local zoo is an African Elephant. African elephants are important because they help maintain the integrity of forest and grassland habitats.

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

Some things that are found in homes can be toxic to humans and pets. Some things that will most likely be found in my future home are: chlorine, bleach, and gasoline. Bleach is mad up of chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, and hydrogen peroxide. Chlorine belongs to the Halogens, and it is a non-metal. Sodium belongs to Alkali metals. Calcium belongs to Alkaline earth metals. Hydrogen belongs to the Alkali metals.
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The Characteristics of Electricity

Houses use a lot of electricity. Some energy sources are not as sustainable as others. It is important we have electrical energy sources that will be sustainable for future generations. I think the type of electrical energy source I would use for my home is hydro-electric generation. Hydro-electric generation is when water is used to generate electricity. Hydro-electric generation is considered to be a renewable resource. Renewable resources are natural resources that are continually replenished and will never run out. This is good because, it is a renewable resource so you won't be using a lot of resources. Some things that can help make your house more energy efficient are insulating your walls, buying energy efficient appliances, and solar panels. The types of appliances I would choose for my home would all be energy star certified. For example, I can buy a clothes dryer that is energy star certified because, it uses 20 percent less energy than conventional models. Also, energy star certified dishwashers are really good because, they use advanced technology to clean your dishes while using less water and energy. Another thing to make my house more eco-friendly is the using fluorescent lightbulbs. Fluorescent lightbulbs are for energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs because, they use less heat and energy when being used.

The Study of the Universe

There have been many inventions that have been developed due to space exploration. One thing that was invented is TV satellite dish. NASA developed ways to correct errors in the signals coming from the spacecraft. This technology is used to reduce noise in TV signals coming from satellites. Another thing that was discovered is smoke detectors. First used in the Earth orbiting space station called Skylab to help detect any toxic vapors. Now used in most homes and other buildings to warn people of fire. These inventions are very useful and important in many peoples lives. TV satellite dish keeps people entertained when they are bored at home they can watch TV. The smoke detector is one of the discoveries I think is most important. It warns people when there is a fire in their house so they can get out safely. I think everybody should have a smoke detector in their house because, it might save your life one day if there is ever a fire in your house.

My Design

Below you will find the design of my future home!
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