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Eastlake High School 7.28.19

Titan Family

Dear Titans:

Great first week. It was exciting to see all our staff and students on campus. It's been a great opening of school. I commend your for your patience and flexibility. We will have several visitors from Japan starting this week (they will be with use for 8 weeks) and then 30 students from China next week (they will be with us for one week). We are working hard to find the best matches. We will do our best to spread the students around. I apologize for this late notice, but I just found out last Friday!

I want to give you several updates on a few items:

A. Master Schedule. Relief is in sight. We just got additional funding and will be able to open new sections soon! Don't forget to let Mr. Nervaza know if you want to be considered for a 1/6th. Our goal is to have changes up and ready by tomorrow. Be patient with students who may need to move classes. We are also looking for curriculum specialists for Social Science and Science. We may also have some special opportunities. Be on the lookout. Please let Manny know if you are interested in the curriculum specialist position by Tuesday.

B. FAC Reminder. Please alert me to your FAC representative by filling out this LINK.

C. Transparency and Hyperdoc. The link above also gets you to the transparency sheet. This is where I will store information to ensure equitable and transparent practices.

D. Observation Schedule. As we settle down with our classes this week, expect an observation schedule to come out at the end of the week. We will be visiting classrooms by section starting next week. Our goal is to simply be a mirror for you and to reflect on your practices. We will ask students what they are learning and how they will know they have learned it.

E. Expectations Talk. We are making a video this week (I have an eye issue that I hope settles down soon!) to present to the students next week with our expectations and review of some key items. We hope it will be engaging and educational for the students. I will be checking in with Senior and Junior Social Science Teachers about making my rounds to introduce myself to the students.

F. Titan Way Pins. Thanks for those who came up with a great way to recognize the students by giving them a card with the pin and sending it to me. Unfortunately, I was called to the district last Friday. I will either call the kids or make an announcement. I will always call the parents and then place the pin back in your box or have the student return it to you. You are all awesome!!

G. Sexual Harassment Training, Blood Borne Pathogens and 504 Trainings. Please arrange time with Johana, Liz and Karen to have this completed as soon as possible.

H. FAC. As soon as we finalize our FAC, we will plan to meet in early August to discuss the master schedule, budgets, instructional concerns and overall WASC plans for the year.

Have a great week Titans. I am hoping after this week to get to each of your classes to talk one on one! Go Titans!

Keep Shining,

Ricardo Cooke, Ed.D.

Week at a Glance

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Titan Challenge

Each week, I will post a simple challenge. Some of you do these challenges already. I invite you to take a moment to mix it up for yourself and get even more connected to our school community.

This week's Titan Challenge: Say hello and thanks to our cafeteria personnel. They are awesome. I am sure it will make their day!

Self-Care Challenge

I care deeply about the staff. We give so much of ourselves to our students and parents. Take time for you. This weekly challenge is simply about taking time for balance.

Self-Care Challenge: Make an appointment to meet up with a friend at a restaurant that you have been wanting to try.

Titans in Action!

Link Crew in Action!

Check out our mighty Link Crew Leaders form a Cinnamon Role Hug with our awesome 9th graders! Way to show that Titan Pride!
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Making a Difference - Cheryl Bayley and Joel Foust

Our awesome teachers were recognized by the Eastlake Education Foundation for promoting STEM in the classroom. Cheryl is motivating our next great generation of female leaders in the science field and Joel is promoting the robotics program for our community! Titan teachers rock!
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