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Issue #19 / May 18, 2014


Time certainly does FLY when you're having fun!

The final Instructional Newsletter of the year is dedicated to CELEBRATIONS! There are many great instructional accomplishments to be shared---- and please forgive the many that I am sure to miss!

It has been a great year! I look forward to continuing the journey with the first class crew at JC next year!!

Have a great week!



JC Students Show Teacher Appreciation

JCHS Students Show Love for their Flight Crew 2014
JCHS Students Show Love for their Flight Crew 2014 (Part 2)

JCHS Recognized by Washington Post: America's Most Challenging Schools

Top 5 in Alabama!

Click the link below to learn more about the challenge and see how JC stacks up to other schools in the nation and state.

Congrats to Mr. Whitt, JCHS Teacher of the Year!

If you've never seen Mr. Whitt in action with students...

...make it a point to do so next year! He is in tune with the kids and builds relationships that allow for true feedback and collaboration. It is a joy to see children constantly creating something in his classes. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor, Mr. Whitt!

Congrats Mr. Combs!

Mr. Combs Writes Article for Yearbook Magazine

Congrats go out to Mr. Combs for writing an article about the JCHS yearbook that was selected for publication in Yearbook Magazine. The magazine actually contacted Mr. Combs to seek him out for this article. We will look forward to reading the article when it is published in the fall issue. JC Jets are known far and wide!

If you've missed the work that Mr. Combs's Studio II kids have done this semester, go check out the lit mag or ask any of them about their novels. You will be amazed by their passion!

Congrats to Mrs. B!

Mrs. Buchanan published by Educational Leadership Magazine

As Mrs. B was scrolling through Twitter, she saw an opportunity to brag on the teachers and students at James Clemens. The publishers of a magazine tweeted out a call to school leaders asking them to share about an exciting professional learning experience. Check out how our Collaborative Days made it to the pages of Educational Leadership Magazine!

The link is below:

Thank you Mr. Jeffreys for your service!

We are glad to have you back for the close of the school year! Your wit and enthusiasm was definitely missed in your absence.

Congrats on Retirement, Coach King!

JCHS TOP GUN Flight School Fun!

See all of the fun TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL photos on our Instagram Page (link is below)

Are you up for a Summer Assignment?

How well did you know your students this year?

Mrs. Bohatch sent this challenge to our faculty, and it would be a valuable summer reflection for all teachers to try if you're interested. In case you missed the email to the faculty, it included the article link as well as a list of each student in one of her classes. She wrote something she knew about each student. This is a powerful and eye-opening activity. I tried it with our faculty members, and it has given me a great deal of perspective on who I need to consciously connect with at JC and get to know! If you try it, please share your insights!

The link to the article is below:

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