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Our primary missions are to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, and to reduce U.S. vulnerability to terrorism and minimize the damage of attacks once they occur.
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The major vote shows that most US citizens don't want Syrian refugees allowed in the country. After the Paris attacks, people really fear for their safety. Allowing Syrian refugees could into the country start a riots and spark violence.
It's wouldn't be good to let refugees into the country. Their mere presence in the country provokes violence. How will they be able to stay here if the people don't fell safe with them around?
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Why We Shouldn't Accept Syrian Refugees

Some Syrian refugees in France turned out to be ISIS followers. They secretly planned attacks and bombed multiple places in Paris. 129 innocent people were killed, 352 left wounded. France was left in a state of shock; people were no longer safe in their homeland. Do you want somethings like this to happen in the U.S.?