Room 18 Gazette

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."

End to a Long Week

It is so nice to see the sun shining today! It’s a great way to end a big week for our students!! Hopefully Spring will make its welcome appearance and stick around soon! I know that we could all definitely use it after this snowy winter and the busy schedule we have had this week at SRE!!

The kiddos worked so hard on testing this week and we are all very proud of the determination and strong work ethic they brought to school each day of testing. Thanks to you for helping your child by making sure they were well rested and ready to go each day this week!! We should receive these test scores by the end of school. The next round of ISTEP testing will take place on the computer a little later in the spring.

Famous Hoosier Projects

In Social Studies this week students have worked extremely hard taking notes for their Famous Hoosier projects. We have spent 30 to 40 minutes each day this week in class allowing the children time to work in their small teams taking notes. We hope that you are pleased with the research effort so far!! The time they have invested both in class and at home should leave them ready for the first “create” part of the project that is due on Monday. Please be sure to double check the rubric for the “create” part of the project for grading purposes.

We are looking forward to seeing the finished projects on Monday. Please note that this will conclude the note taking process at school. If your child still needs to fact find, they will need to finish that at home. The following week students should be preparing for the “share” column which will be due on March 24th. Again, please refer to the rubric for grading purposes! We did talk as a class today and all of the kids seem to have a really good handle on Monday’s work as well as their plan for the 24th. If you should have any questions or concerns arise, please contact me so I can help!! The students have really enjoyed having the laptops and their devices handy for research time. We are also willing and looking for ways to keep up with technology and implement it in our classrooms.

Language Arts

  • Theme 13: In reading we will discuss Fix Up Strategies and review Creating Images
  • Word Study will focus on suffixes: -ful, -able, -less
  • In writing we will revisit the importance of prewriting and talk about the pattern of cause and effect
  • Grammar will focus on the review of prepositions, prepositional phrases, and adverbs
Schoolhouse Rock Prepositions
Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here - Schoolhouse Rock

Social Studies

  • We are diving back into our study of early Indiana
  • We are also doing lots of collaborative group work and learning how to work together with great discussion techniques.


  • We will Review Unit 9 Monday & Tuesday
  • Unit 9 Test Wednesday, March 18
  • Keep practicing those multiplication and division facts! The students are really making progress! YEAH!!!

Upcoming Dates

  • March 17th the “create” column of the Famous Hoosier project is due
  • March 21, State House & State Museum Field Trip-sack lunch needed please.
  • March 24th the “share” column of the Famous Hoosier project is due
  • April 3, 4th Grade Hoosier Open House in the afternoon (4th grade pod)
Live Aquarium Camera

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