Latin America project Mexico

By: Daniel Harman

Mexicos background information and history

The capital of mexico is Mexico City. Some major citys are Guadalajaray and Monterrey. Mexico was controlled by Spain and gained its independance in early 19th century. It is still controlled by another country and its lanuage is spanish.

Mexicos geographical information

Mexico is in central america. Some physical features are volcanos low plains and mountain ranges.

Mexicos political and deplomancy information

Mexicos government is federal republic. The leader is president Enrique Peta Nieto. Mexico is on good terms with guaranjuato, Michocán and tamauipulos other countrys because they all trade.

Economic and trade information of mexico

There currency is the Mexican Piso. There economic system is capitalism. They get goods imported from other countrys. They export goods to other countrys using the NAFTA trade system.

Tourist information of mexico

People should visit mexico because it has a history of the aztects, mayan. Like pyramids from ancient aztec times and have many ancient artifacts and mexicos cathedral. They should see the ramains of ancient pyramids and artifacts and the carvings
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