Cold War

Policies and Events of the Cold War

The Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain was a barrier between Western Democratic ideas and Eastern Communists. It was made literal by the Berlin Wall. It separated the two sides causing a large rift in the world. Negotiations were not open between sides because of this.

Marshall Plan

US plan to restore Europe by financing their economy for $13 billion. The Soviets saw this as the US trying to meddle in European affairs.

Truman Doctrine

US decree to provide aid to small countries that could be taken over by Communists. This was a direct attack on Communism by the US.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Soviets placed missiles in Cuba, 90 miles away from the US. There was a 13 day long standoff between the two countries to get the missiles removed. The world was in a panic and distrusting of everyone. Negotiations were not working well.


Countries decided to walk the line between war and peace on their foreign policies to try and gain the upper hand in negotiations. Bad policies were created and WWIII could have been started at any time.

NATO/Warsaw Pact

NATO was the American led alliance of democratic countries. The Warsaw Pact was the Soviet led version. This made the gap larger within the world with the two alliances being automatically pitted against each other.

38th Parallel

Dividing line of Korea before and pretty much after the war. It kept Democratic Korea and Communist Korea separated and tensions high.


US policy to stop Communism in its tracks. Stopping the spread of Communism was seen as a direct attack on Communism (which it pretty much was).