The Muscular System(Involuntary)

My smore for science about muscles

Da muscle system

The muscular system is important in many, Many, MANY ways. Ill talk about the most important part: how it works. Its kinda complecated

The way it works is...

To understand how the muscle system works, you have to learn the 2 types of muscle: smooth and skeletal, or what we call voluntary and involuntary. I don't want to fry your brains, so ill focus on one. it'll be involuntary. Basicly Voluntary you can willinglly move the muscle with ease, while involuntary you cant move it whn you want, like the lung or heart

The Involntary muscle

OK, so now ill talk about my... selection: the Involuntary Muscle. The Involuntary muscle is a very important part of the human body. Without it, we wouldn't live. Literally. Our lungs and heart would be gone. They control stuff like blood stream. Yes, the Brain is a muscle. Anyway, these muscles can also mov thee food through the digestive system, amd, while not as quick, can contract more complete than the skletal muscle and dosent tire as easily... in most cases.

The desieses that can effect I.M

there are plenty of diseases that effect these muscles. One of which i actually have which is called Asthma. Asthma is a disease...well, i wouldn't really call it a disease, its more of a... thing your born with. Anyway, Asthma makes you short of breath. How this happens? the disease will wrap around a certain part of your lungs and squeeze it


it works with the digestive system because it he