Friday's Rewind

Week of October 14th

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Fall Tale-Gate Party Next Week

Our Fall Tale-Gate Party is fast approaching and will take place on Tuesday, October 18th starting at 6:00 pm . I want to extend a special thank you to our PIC team for organizing this fun event for our families. Some of you have elected to work this night as part of your contractual obligations, but for those of you who are not signed up, please feel free to bring your families and/or attend on your own. We will be serving a free hot dog meal to all who attend. It will be a lot of fun!

If you need to double check to see what evening you have signed up to work you can do so here:

Coming Soon - Mega Magic Moments

Starting after fall break, students who earn 5 mustang magic moments can turn them in to their classroom teacher to receive a "Mega Magic Moment" (We are currently getting these made at the Print Shop and will put them in your mailboxes). Students may then bring these down to the office to select a prize and their name will be entered into a drawing for other rewards. All teachers should continue utilize our mustang magic moments at the classroom level with incentives that you determine with your teams.

We have also created a spreadsheet for you to use nominate your student of the month and recommend a student to earn a postcard sent to their home. I will write a personalized note and send these home each month.

This spreadsheet can be found using the following link. Please save it for future reference. We will also add it to our PBIS tab on our One-Stop Page. We will try to remind you to fill it out each month.

Thanks for all of your help in recognizing our students for their positive contributions.

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We will be having our annual BINGO night on Friday, October 28th. The Montrose Elementary PAC would like to extend an invitation for you and your families to join in on the fun and be a part of the event. In addition, if you have interest in volunteering for a one hour shift, you can sign-up to do so at the following link.

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TIES Pre-Conference Workshops

I put a copy of all of the pre-conference workshops that are being offered at TIES (December) in each of your mailboxes. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you are interested in attending one or more sessions. I will do my best to meet as many of your requests as possible. You can also find information about the pre-conference workshops at the following link. As of today, they had not yet released the specifics for the Mon-Tues conference sessions.

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Please continue to build excitement for our read-a-thon prizes and the opportunity "buzz" my hair at an all school assembly. The more we can keep the "buzz" going (see what I did there) the more money we will be able to raise! We will be looking to utilize these donations to upgrade furniture in our media center area and to add technology and other resources to our innovative programming efforts. Our goal is to raise $15,000 as a school this year.

Also, please remind your students to bring in their reading calendars so that we can total the minutes read for each classroom and award our golden reader trophies! Please enter the total number of minutes read by your class for the first and second half of the month here:

Finally - we will also track the classrooms who raise the most money and will award pizza parties to our highest earning class in both K-2 and 3-5.

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