Nov-Dec 2015 EDITION

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Mustang Rewards Update

Did you know we have a student store?

Mustang Rewards can be used to purchase folders, supplies, and prizes from the school store. It is open once a month.

In addition Mustang Rewards are worth 10 cents in the cafeteria.

Mustang Rewards can be dual-usage tickets for any classroom prize boxes or treasure chests too! Students can choose to use them in your rooms or for school-wide uses.

Congratulations to Ian Wilsonman (6) and Aarif Ahmad (8) on winning the pizza partty drawing. The next drawing is on Dec. 15th.


Mustmas 2015 is almost over.

Special thanks to Paige Crain for bringing the idea and template to both the PBIS and Hospitality committees. The dress-up days, events, and contests have been a lot of fun.

Encourage your students to participate this week in the dress-up themes.

** extra special thanks to LaTavya Collins and Fae Ali for taking on these events and contests

August-December 2015 Discipline Data

Compared to August-December 2014

2014 Total Referrals-156

2015 Total Referrals- 105

2014 Classroom Referrals- 98

2015 Classroom Referrals- 53

2014 Bus Referrals- 10

2015 Bus Referrals- 15

2014 Hallway Referrals- 30

2015 Hallway Referrals- 8

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