Top Ten Jobs of 2014

List of The Top Ten Jobs

#2 Market Research Analyts and Marketing Specialists

Gathering information to determine potential sales. Wages go up to about 29$ an hour. The employee percentage has went up 14%. About 50,000 jobs has been added.

#1 Software Developer

Someone who develops stand alone hardware and gets involved with all phases of development. Median hourly wages range up to 45$ an hour. The percentage growth has went up by 11%. Over 1,000,000 people have this job in America.

#3 Training and Development Specialists

18,000 jobs have been added to this.

#4 Financial Analyts

Guidance to buisness and indeviduals making investment decicions. Hourly pay is about 37$. Employees have went up 8%.

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#5 Physical Therapist

#6 Web Developers

They earn about 28$ an hour. Work percentage has went up 11%. 137,000 jobs have been added to this career.

#7 Logisticians

Earn 35$ an hour. Jobs have went up 10%. There are now 128,ooo new jobs.

#8 Database Admins

Earn 38$ an hour. Has a 10% job increase. Have 120,000 new jobs.

#9 Meeting Convention and Event Planners

About 23$ an hour. A 14% job increase and has over 87,000 new jobs.

#10 Interpreters and Translators

22$ an hour. Also has a 14% increase in jobs. Also 70,000 new jobs.