The Middle Ages

By:Emma Sherlin

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages was an amazingly interesting time in Europe. It was full of good and bad. The peoples hardships and struggles brought inevitable change to society.

Growth, power, greed, work, struggle, sickness, war, kings and queens, faith, and commerce all were the main topics that we will include in this article.

The crusades

The holy wars

The crusades was a series of holy wars in order to get back the "holy land" Jerusalem ⛪️. The fighters were the Muslims, the Christians, and the Jews. They were all fighting to reign Jerusalem. In the beginning had control of the city until the Christians took control of the city. Before the Christians could get there hopes up the Muslims quickly took the city back. There were many more crusades but the one that is most important to me is the children's crusade. That is when Europe sent about 4,000 children to fight the Muslims. All of them set out to the Middle East in search for the holy land..... They never even made it to the holy city. In the end the Muslims still had control of Jerusalem. Even though the crusades seem to be a waste they helped advance Europe's technology. Such as weapons, trade, and travel.
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The Roman Catholic Church

The Catholic Church had great influences on people in the Middle Ages. The church lots of help to people. For example the church gave education, they took care of the sick, and of course prayed with you being a big part in your religious life. The church brought on a new age of architecture called gothic architecture. This type of design gave the idea of arches and high pointed ceilings, creating depth to pieces. An example of gothic architecture is shown in the picture above. Overall the church always knew what was going on in your life. This led to too much power and control causing people to decline their faith in the church.


Knights Were the warriors of the Middle Ages. Knights followed a strict code of conduct called chivalry. They were very important to the general public. Knights protected people and fought in wars. Most people think that knights were just killing machines who only knew sword weaponry. However when knights were about 8 years old they went to train to become a knight. While you were there you had to. Learn many things such as sword fighting, horsemanship, dance, archery, music, hand to hand combat, and even chess! This resulted with knights being very well educated.
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The Spanish inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition was a process created by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. This process was to purify soap from heretics, or non believers so to speak. The monarchs created a document stating that all heretics or non Christians were banished from Spain. Therefore many "converted" to Christianity. However the King and Queen were not convinced so they decided to torture all heretics until they truly confessed of their faith. This caused a lot of anger and conflict until eventually it calmed down years later.