different types of energy

Science Project By Chris B.

Sound energy

Sound energy is transferred trough vibrations. Sound waves are compression waves with the potential and kinetic energy of the air molecules. The example of sound energy is a drum being hit because it vibrates and makes sound waves.

(This picture shows sound energy because when the drum is hit the energy from the drumstick makes the drum vibrate which makes sound waves)

Light energy

Light may also be thought of a photons. The word comes from photo which means light. photons are created by electrons jumping to lower energy levels in an atom. They are absorbed when electrons jump to higher levels. Photons are also created when a charged electron is accelerated. Each photon has a specific wavelength which depends on how much energy it has. The lower the energy the longer the wavelength and frequency and vice versa. A real world example is a light bulb.

( The way this picture shows light energy is by the electrical energy charging the atoms and then the atoms go back down to normal energy levels which creates a photon.)

Thermal energy

The molecules in this type of energy have kinetic energy. They have this type of energy because they are moving and vibrating. They also have potential energy because they have a mutual attraction for one another. The faster the molecules are moving the greater the temperature is. An example of thermal energy is coffee because the coffee's molecules are vibrating rapidly which is making it hot otherwise known as thermal energy.

(This picture shows thermal energy because the coffee's molecules are vibrating rapidly)

Electrical energy

Some materials, like metals, have certain electrons that aren't attached to their atoms very well. They are easily moved from one atom to another if there is an electric field applied to them. When the electrons are moved from atom to atom a electric current is created. An example of something that uses electrical energy is a toaster.

(This picture shows electrical energy because the toaster has a cord that it gets an electrical current from that it uses to make thermal energy)

Chemical energy

Your muscles use this energy to generate mechanical force and also heat. Chemical energy is is really a form of microscopic potential energy which is there because the electric and magnetic forces of attraction between each molecule. An example of chemical energy is a battery because it uses chemical energy to create electrical energy.

(This picture shows chemical energy because the battery uses a chemical mix to create electricity)

potential energy

Potential energy is the distance an object will drop before it hits the ground. When an object hits the ground and stars moving the object loses potential energy and now has kinetic energy. An example of potential energy is a bow being drawn back.

(This picture shows potential energy because when the bow is drawn back the energy in the the string has potential to make the arrow move which makes the arrow have kinetic energy)


Holt Science & Technology Physical Science Text Book