The Warrior Weekly

May Board Report

Thank you

It is amazing that we are already at the end of the school year. I've said this a few times throughout the year but I truly appreciate all the support from both our Administrative team as well as the School Board.

MAP testing is nearly complete with only a few make-ups to complete. I am extremely excited for our scores to be released in late July. The students and staff put in an outstanding effort. We heard from numerous students that they felt extremely prepared for the test and that Evaluate was a huge help. I am confident that we are going to see significant gains. I look forward to sharing those results with all of you.

I wanted to Thank our Board members for the dinner this past Tuesday. I am sorry I wasn't able to join you but I had a plate waiting for me at school the next day. Our 2nd to 3rd grade transition night was a success. We received lots of positive feedback from families. We were able to open up the Intermediate building and show our families where there students would be for the next three years. We hope this adds a level of comfort and confidence for both students and parents.

The staff is excited to get together during the week of May 22nd to prepare for the following school year. We have Myra Collins, a math consultant, joining us for three of the days to assist our teachers in the process. We will continue to ensure that we are providing engaging and high quality lessons for all of our students.

Thank you again for all you do for our students and staff and for helping to ensure a successful 2015-16 for the Winfield School District.

Proud to Be a Warrior!!

Jeff Schultz

Front Row Update

I am extremely proud of the effort of our staff and their commitment to using Front Row and other resources to meet the needs of our students. They embraced the integration of technology and have continued to engage our students each day. This program along with others has allowed us to focus on the individual needs of every student and help them reach their full potential.
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Outstanding Growth!

Our students had tons of confidence heading into MAP this year and we believe that the growth they have achieved with Evaluate this year was a big reason why.

In April 49% of our students had achieved either proficient or advanced. Our students continue to be excited about how far they have come this year. I am looking forward to carrying that excitement into the next school year.

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Below is a link to the Front Row website. We are utilizing this online resource throughout the day to assist with interventions, enrichment, as well as differentiated instruction during our math block.


Our attendance for the school year is 95.3% as of May 11th. We appreciate the efforts of all students, staff, and families in making consistent attendance a priority.

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I enjoy every single day at Winfield Intermediate! Thank you again for providing me with this opportunity!
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