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April 11-15th

Good Morning Sanger High School

Hello Team...

Happy Monday! We made it through another week!

I want to take a moment to say thank you to each and everyone of you. I am so proud of how this team pulled together through adversity to embrace our students. Remember that each day brings a new beginning and together we can achieve! A big shout out to Ms. Ramsey for a very successful Prom. The facility was perfect and the students appeared to have a wonderful time.

Have a great week!

Go Indians!

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Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations this week...

No birthdays this week.

End of the 5th Six-Weeks

Don't forget that the grading period ends this Friday, April 15th. We have several students involved in extracurricular activities and we need to make sure that we have accurate information. Please make sure that your grade book is up to date. Parents, coaches, and special education teams are relying on skyward to check grades to determine eligibility.

Office staff short this week

Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Nelson will be in TxEIS training all day Monday, April 11th. Just a heads up that they will not be available in the office.

Senior Class Meeting/Medieval Times

Please mark your calendars...attention Senior teachers!

We will host a Senior Class Meeting on Wednesday, April 26th during 4th period to discuss end of the year activities and finishing strong.

Medieval Times- (Friday, May 6th)


Mark you calendar now!

5/2- Monday (US History EOC/AP Chemistry)

5/3- Tuesday (Algebra 1 EOC/AP Spanish)

5/4- Wednesday (Biology EOC/AP English Lit)

5/5- Thursday (AP Calculus)

Capturing Kids Hearts

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Challenge for this week!

Please take a moment to share in Good Things. Many of our students really could use the continued support and what better way to start each class. I challenge each of you to start each and every class this week with Good Things.


Walk-throughs this week

With testing out of the way for a little while, the SHS admin team will be coming around to see all the great things happening in classrooms. Our focus with our walk-throughs will be guiding questions and formative assessment. Please remember to post your guiding question daily and review it with your students. Also, continue to focus on formative assessment and let this guide your instruction. Remember.....asking a question to the class is a good thing; however, if only 2-3 students are actively involved with providing you feedback, then you truly don't know if the rest of your class is on track. Challenge yourself this week!

Counselor Corner

Our counselors continue to enter course selections into TxEIS. This is a lengthy process; however, an essential element in master schedule planning. Thank you for your patience!

Additional Information

Parking Lot


Sticky note posted: Ice machine in cafeteria...Is it going to be fixed?

This is one of those rare situations where I am not responsible for facilitating the repair of this item. That does not happen very often. However, we have inquired with central administration and they indicated that they are working with a couple of companies to get everything back in order as quick as possible.

Important Dates

  • 4/11- District Track Prelims
  • 4/11- Boys Golf Tournament
  • 4/11- School Board Meeting
  • 4/13- Girls Golf Tournament
  • 4/12- Baseball @ Aubrey
  • 4/12- Softball @ Aubrey
  • 4/14- District Track Finals
  • 4/15- Contact Logs Due to PDAS appraiser
  • 4/15- It Pays to go to College (Jeans and Pay Day)
  • 4/15- End of the 5th Six-Week
  • 4/15- TSI testing in computer lab
  • 4/15- Baseball vs. Argyle
  • 4/15- Softball vs. Argyle
  • 4/26- Senior Meeting (During 4th period)
  • 4/27-5/11- Public voting for Van's Custom Culture Shoe Design Competition