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Taking Google Slides to the Next Level


When we are teaching or presenting, a tool that is used frequently is Google Slides. Many articles, blog posts, and newsletters have been written about how awesome this tool is, especially for projects that go beyond the typical presentation. But, when we begin a new design, the one potentially daunting task is what design will be used, and has this design been used before in the class, or in a PD, or maybe in a meeting. But, that doesn't have to be the case. Below are several Google Slides templates that can be accessed online, used for free, and can make your lessons and presentations that much more engaging!

Change the Slides Master

One quick change that can be made is to change the Slides Master within a Google Slides presentation. If you've ever found yourself continually changing the fonts of a Slides presentation, or even the colors of the design, you're working too hard. If you go to View > Master, you're able to edit all of your text, background colors, and other elements of the Slides Theme in one location. Additionally, in that window, you can add images that will be applied to each slide, so if you have a logo to apply, that can easily be done here. Finally, once that window is closed, your new selections will be applied to all of the Slides in your presentation!

Slides Carnival

This is one of my favorite websites to go for Google Slides templates. Once you arrive at the Slides Carnival website, you're able to view the numerous templates that they have available. Everything from sorting by color, to a formal presentation, to a playful presentation design. Another cool aspect of Slides Carnival is the built-in slide designs with each template. Then, at the end of the presentation is a slide full of icons that can be used and incorporated into your slides to enhance the look of your presentation.


Another great site for Slides templates is SlidesMania. This site is quite similar to Slides Carnival, except there seems to be a few more templates. In addition to similar categories, this site has a category for Education. Within it are templates for meeting the teacher, classroom rewards systems, and a classroom scrapbook.


Another site with a plethora of templates is SlidesGo. Of course, there are several different categories of templates, but what really sets this apart is that there are multiple designs and color combinations within the same template. Another added element of these templates is the numerous images that have been embedded as background template designs. There are a lot of really professional looking templates within this site.

Google Template Gallery

In addition to these websites, and the Slides Master, Google also has templates built-in that are not the usual themes that appear in the beginning of the design. If you go to slides.google.com, the top banner is where you can select templates from the Template Gallery. From book reports to flash cards, to science projects, the templates are available. Then, once selected, you can edit the Slides Master to customize them as your own template.

Background Color of a Doc

Sometimes, typing on a document with a white background can get a little cumbersome. But, you can change it up a little bit by switching to a different color. If you go to File > Page Setup, you're able to change the color of your document, along with a few other page setup features. Then, once the background color is changed, you can change the font color for a completely different look, all within Google Docs!

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