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We are here to help YOU transition to Severance High School!

  • Thinking about Advanced Placement or Advanced classes next year at Severance High School? Make sure to have a discussion with your parents and be prepared for summer work in preparation for the classes in the fall.

  • When thinking about taking an elective class that is not at Severance High School, know that district transportation is something that is being discussed and reviewed at this time. Mr Garcia has been counseling students to focus on the elective courses available at SHS for the first year. Taking electives at your home school is easier and more enjoyable when you don't have to hop on a bus or drive between campuses, like WHS and Aims. Think about taking electives between campuses when you can rely on yourself as the driver. There is plenty of time to take all of those electives in the coming years!

  • Advisory is part of our curriculum and helps students connect with their school. Advisory will help with time management, building relationships and the social aspects of high school, like finding the right extracurricular activity. Advisory will also allow time to work on ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) goals, focus on academic needs and academic accountability.

  • Did you miss the open house in February? This night provided some insight on what exciting things will be occurring in our building when the doors open in August, 2019. If you were unable to attend the event or maybe have additional questions about Severance High School, check out our website and information on the open house.

  • SHS is open to out of district enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year. IF you are out of district and are interested in SHS or you know of someone interested in SHS, complete the open enrollment form.

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Activities/Athletics at SHS

  • Activities and Athletics at SHS are starting to take shape! We have hired head coaches for football, volleyball, boys basketball, girls basketball and wrestling and more coaching hires are coming soon. The activity and club ideas students shared with us at the open house event were awesome. These ideas will guide programs that will be offered at SHS. If you haven't already done so, complete the Severance High School Athletics/Activities form so we can learn more about your interests!

Severance High School Athletics/Activities form

  • Coaches will be holding meetings on April 16th at Severance Middle School at 6:00PM. Come meet your coach and learn more about the following sports:

Cheer, Football, Volleyball, Boys Basketball & Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Track

  • Make sure to schedule a physical for next year to participate in sports. July is the best month typically to get your sports physical, this is so you don’t have to renew it during the school year and July is a time that most of us aren’t as busy. Make sure to make a copy of your students sports physical for your records.