Grow it yourself

Have you ever wondered if your fruits and vegetables are fresh. do you want to reduce how much food you waste have you ever if any of your food has been genetically modified. In this article it talks about how we can be sure how to get fresh food.

We should start to grow our own food to help cut down on commercial growing. The program offers about 50 types of vegetables. This matters because it can help save our lives and keep plants alive
if we grow our own food we could cut down on how much gets wasted "a lot of people don't know how to collect seeds they'll know how to grow basil but then not know how to preserve the seed from it to grow it again". this is all important because many of people today don't know to to garden
its better to know where your food comes from so you know they don't have any added chemicals. Olson decribes the seeds she collects from five local farmers organic and non gmos and cold climate hardy. foods that have been modified are not good to eat
if we start to grow our own food we can cut down on the cost of commercial growing and distributing. with doing that it can lead to safer and healthier food and can cut back on how much gets wasted