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War Story

I am a British soldier stationed in Saratoga, New York. It is almost winter and there is no food or supplies. The army is very weak and we need to find a place for shelter this winter or we are going to starve. So far we have fought two small battles and we did not achieve victory on either. We had a plan before this occurred. We were supposed to meet with other British soldiers; however, this unfortunately did not happen. My brother who was also a fellow soldier was fighting alongside me in the war. However I came to realize from a messenger that he had to have his leg amputated. The site we stayed at throughout the battle was horrifying. There were bomb shells every night; I could never sleep through this war. Day by day, I am losing my friends to the war battle. I hope things will turn out better for me .

Identity of the author

Identity of the Author:

John was born in Lebanon, Connecticut and raised up as a Puritan; John’s father, Jonathan Trumbull, later became the governor of Connecticut. John graduated at Harvard University in the year 1773.

During the American Revolution, he helped General George Washington and achieved the rank of a colonel. He painted about his own experiences during the war and depicted the places and important people.

After resigning his job as a colonel, he returned to England to study Benjamin West and at the Royal Academy at Arts. After spending 13 years in England's Portraits of earlier canvasses led him to get a commision to construct the rotunda of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. He was widely recognized for this design of the rotunda and the Declaration of Independence.

Identity of the author

Happening Truth

The battle of Saratoga was the turning point of the American Revolution for the patriots. The British army led by general John Burgoyne was hoping to join with General Howe in order to isolate New England. Instead, General Burgoyne decided to attack Philadelphia. Under General Horatio Gates, the American army was in New York. By september, General Burgoyne realized that he couldn’t survive winter from where he was, so they started marching to Saratoga. Both the American troops and the British troops clashed at Saratoga mid september. By then, Burgoyne’s army was weakened, thus the Americans were able to capture General Burgoyne’s army. American forces blocked General Burgoyne’s army and forced him to surrender at Saratoga.

This victory was crucial because it boosted American morale after the series of losses they had suffered. Additionally the success of Saratoga, proved to rival British powers such as France and Spain that the patriots were capable of winning the war. France joined the American forces as an ally by providing military and financhial support. After France joined the war the balance of power was even; therefore, making American liberty into more of a possibility.

Story Truth

I watched impatiently as the British general approaches General Washington. I couldn’t help feeling smug as he came into view. His face reflected the weariness of the war and mistrust that each of us had in the other side. However, I feel a sense of pride rush through me as I catch a hint of embarrassment coming from the enemy general, General Burgoyne. I had heard stories of the brilliant plan that they had made to separate our forces and crushing our rebellion. I can still remember the feeling of sweat and blood running down my face and mixing together. I remember the blood of my friends splattering onto me as a rain of bullets ran down on them. The stench of war still remains with me as I watched this moment of peace. As the two opposing generals shook hands in the agreement of the British surrender. I could sense the feeling of victory rushing through my fellow soldiers and I couldn’t help joining in. We had won one battle. Now we were ready to win a war.