Cheese Stickers® like never before

The Danish smoked fresh cheese

It's totally new. It's chic. It's healthy. And it's extremely delicious. The new Cheese Stickers® is imported from a little country called Denmark, which is wellknown for their fresh milk and fresh cheese. Besides the high quality, the Cheese Stickers® has become very popular because it is a healthy alternative for a to-go snack! It comes in two different types.


Cheese Stickers® is a perfect TO-GO snack when you are busy and on your way, but it can also be enjoyed with a glass of wine in the evening. Cheese Stickers® are served in a small box with grissini and of course the tasteful, creamy cheese, which is smoked so it keeps being fresh. The flavours are well considered by chemists so you will get a taste sensation you will never forget.


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  • Danish Summer Speicial


  • Fresh Healthy Edition