Judy Moody goes to collage

by Megen McDonald


The book i'm reading is Judy Mood goes to collage by Megan McDonald . Did you know that Megan McDonald writes lots of books she even wrote a new book called Judy Moody gets famous. Megan also lives in pennsyvania too.

paragraph 1

Judy Moody got a new teacher named Mrs. Grossman and she thought she was really mean because she ask Judy a question and she got it wrong and went home with a bad note. mom &dad got the note and told Judy to go straight to bed after dinner. Mr. Todd came back and the whole class was so happy when the heard .

paragraph 3

i like this book because Judy got her teacher back and she also went to kid collage and learned new stuff . and because they also took a class picture to remember all the happy days they have had.

paragraph 4

this remined me of the time my brother went to school and he didn't know a lot of things so he also went to kid collage and cameback knowing a lot of things he didn't know before .

paragraph 5

I would recommed this book because when my sister goes up i am going to read it to her to make her smile or laugh . and it will inspire her to become a smart little girl.