By Hameeda

Measles Scientifically

Measles is also know as Rubeola.


This disease seems to originate from Europe.


  • Kopilk Spots
  • Rash
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Fever

Any Cure?

No. The only cure is Vaccination.

Any Treatment?


  • Get them hydrated
  • Isolate them
  • Dim the lights
Animation film: Are you protected against measles? (without sound)


This viral respiratory illness is caused by a virus called mobillivirus
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Measles Devolopment

  • Multiplies
  • Infects
  • Replicates

Who Gets This

The people who are most likely to get measles are kids or anyone who interacts with another person who has measles.

Outbreak of 2014

One of the outbreaks are at Disneyland.