Middle School Day Treatment: April

Parent Engagement!

Totem Pole Project

Students finished reading the Novel "Touching Spirit Bear" and had completed a final project. Students researched Totem Poles, constructed a Tri-Fold board representing their research, and created their own Totem Pole with an electronic presentation. Parents were invited to come in for a 'Gallery Walk' where they were able to walk around and have students present their project to them. We had a FANTASTIC turn out! We had over 50% of our students parents attend the Gallery Walk. Parents gave fabulous feedback to the students! This was our first time inviting parents into the classroom for students to show off their hard work and is was a GREAT success!

We also had Carman Ainsworth administration stop by along with some other CA staff who engage with our students. They were highly impressed!

Social Skills Lesson

Ms. Alissa orchestrated a student debate in her social skills lesson. She had students debate whether or not they should watch Channel One News or CNN Student News once Mrs. Zink goes on maternity leave. Students were able to watch both student news channels, create argumentative points, present their argument to staff, debate with the opposing team and have staff vote based on their debate.

Both groups did a fantastic job creating valid argumentative points!

Based on both groups doing such a wonderful job with their argument/debate - staff voted to alternate CNN student news and Channel One News every other week to meet both sides of the debate. =)

The students had a lot of fun learning how to debate and figuring out ways to validate there argument using specific examples from their news choice.

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