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SIG Sarah Lawrence- Day Program, Week 1

What are our Curious Chemists up to?

We did an experiment on one of the Three States of Matter (gasses) to observe how gas is invisible by making an exploding volcano using vinegar and soda.

We also blew crepe paper with a straw to demonstrate that our breath is a gas.

Finally, we did an experiment called "Do-It-Itself Balloon" by mixing baking soda (a compound) with vinegar (a solution) to form carbon dioxide (gas) to inflate a mylar balloon.

Eureka! What inventions have we made?

We have been researching various inventors and their inventions this week and have started to write our own ideas in our science journals. We also began sketching our inventions for final projects.
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In the world of Anticipating Algebra...

We started off the week with a "bridge" activity, which is from the renowned book on rigor and deep thinking, Making Thinking Visible. Here students wrote about three words, two questions, and one metaphor or simile about Algebra. At the end of the three weeks we will do this again, and reflect on our meta cognition and what helped us gain new understandings. We also took a quick pretest to ensure that everyone would engage in learning that is not too challenging, not too easy, but just right. Finally, we all wrote our objectives to guide our three weeks together. The vast majority of students wanted to learn about geometry and algebra and pi, so we spent one day finding the circumference and diameter of objects and seeing if the ratio led to 3.1416. We also calculated our hat size with pi.
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Expressing Ourselves Algebraically!

We started the week with some games to get to know each other. We also listed our rules of class since SIG is very different from most regular schools. We also took a quick pre-test to ensure that all students are given activities and projects that are "just right." We also did a "Chalk Talk" pre-assessment activity taken from an important book on rigor, titled Making Thinking Visible. I also asked all students what they wanted to learn in these three weeks, and the majority said that they wanted to know about pi.

We learned about pi's ratio, and completed a puzzle involving squares. We investigated square roots, the Greek alphabet, and researched mathematicians who worked with pi before the invention of calculators. We ended the week with a logic/deductive reasoning puzzle about speaking Martian..."zu hemohap?"

An Inside Look at our Sporty Athletes

Spying on SIG..

We did recon work and spied on the physics class. We also gathered Intel on what made their parachutes really good. We then reconvened and built our own parachutes based on foreign Intel.

Cracking Our Own Codes

Did you know that codes are more than what meets the eye, or doesn't? Have you ever thought about the English language as a code? What about algebra? This week we started by zooming out of the typical cyphers and cryptograms. We listed all of the different categories and non-traditional codes.

The class was split as to what types of codes they were more interested in: codes with math and numbers versus codes with words and letters. So we split up the group into two groups that worked with cracking the codes of: algebra, analogies, picture puzzles with relationships, and deductive reasoning clues. We even ended the week with writing some computer code on Check out this website with your children today!
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Channeling Newton through Physics

We had great fun with Newtonian Physics during our first week!

Ask your child:
What are Newton's Three Laws of Motion?
How did drag affect the acceleration of my falling egg?
Can penguins fly? Well, maybe not, but how did we prevent one from reaching terminal velocity?
How am I designing the fastest rubber band racer?

Important Dates to Remember:

Pajama Day - Friday, July 11th
Costume Day - Wednesday, July 16th
Closing Ceremony - Friday, July 18th

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