The Ghost Of Popular Point

Cyntia DeFlice


the setting for the story are popular point, allies house, dubs yard, opra house, and allies moms store


Allie, is the main character .she is a "Ghost Magnet"

Dub, is Allies best friend .he is also the only person that knows every dental of her adventurers

allies little brother, also see's the same dreams and see's ghost.



Allie gets the main roll in the play . another girls father, Darryl Kavanaugh ,the man that is building a hotel on top of a indin war and tethered the detector of the play


Allie , Dub and more people practed the last secret show of the play


the play happen ,and the secret show goes smoothly , but back stage Mr Kavanaugh lie back unconscious because allies little brother stould up for her