Acer Aspire E3-111 The New Netbook


Acer Aspire E3-111 The New Netbook

The magnoliopsid genus aim E3-111 reminds U.S. somewhat little bit of the little, vibrant netbooks that accustomed be thus common within the market. it's been quite an whereas since magnoliopsid genus stopped producing netbooks, that were originally supposed for very price-conscious markets however terminated up appealing to customers everywhere the globe no matter economic standing. the complete product class may need been supplanted by tablets, however that does not mean there are not still folks that would like reasonable PCs. here you can find latest Ghank laptops .

With an 11.6-inch screen, the E3-111 is larger than most netbooks ever were, however it looks to be aimed toward identical entry-level audience. it's terribly basic specifications and is not about to be winning any performance prizes, however that is not what it's concerning. It's meant to be durable, with a balance of value and performance which will work for college students, home users on a budget, and even those that would like an inexpensive secondary laptop for infrequent use.


Look and feel

The magnoliopsid genus aim E3-111 isn't super-slim however it will feel quite sleek and efficient. The plastic body has swish curves and is intended in order that full-sized ports will match on the rear whereas the front tapers slightly. the entire issue appearance nice, we have a tendency to|and that we} may are fooled into thinking we had a much more high-priced device in our hands. Even the hinges square measure nicely sculptured into the body and do not stick out. once closed, the device fitted nicely into our hands and that we had no drawback carrying it around.

When open, you'll see that there is enough area for a full-sized keyboard, tho' a number of the keys square measure incommodious. The layout is fairly commonplace, however we've to say that a cluster of the alphabetical keys on the proper aspect will double up as a numeric data input device if used with the Fn modifier - a quite helpful feature, however one that is rare these days.


The aim E3-111 weighs close to one.3kg and then you will not be too discomposed by its weight in a very bag. Our review unit had a pale blue body that stands go in comparison most different merchandise in its category. The lid could be a skinny sheet of metallic element, tho' everything else is plastic. There square measure speakers on all-time low, angulate outward, and a digital camera centred right on top of the screen.

If you are looking for fancy frills like a backlit keyboard or a touchscreen, you will have to stay on trying. magnoliopsid genus has lined all the fundamentals, however there positively square measure tradeoffs for such low costs.

The issue that stunned U.S. most concerning the aim E3-111 was the dearth of vents on the perimeters and rear of the chassis. Not many folks can even notice this initially look, however consistent with magnoliopsid genus, the device runs with none fans. that is a fairly nice success - tiny tablets will flee with it, however we've higher expectations of a laptop computer like this. Let's hope performance is not too restricted by elements that do not need active cooling.



The various models within the aim E3-111 series square measure supported rather anaemic Intel Celeron and Pentium processors, supported the Bay Trail-M design that comes from identical basic style that powers today's Atom CPUs. Our review unit, that was the aim E3-111-C37U model to be actual, was supported a Celeron N2840, that features a peak speed of two.58GHz however can sometimes run nearer to its base clock speed of two.16GHz. it's 2 C.P.U. cores while not Hyper-Threading. The integrated Intel HD Graphics element is equally sedate, running at a high speed of 792MHz in bursts.

There's 2GB of RAM that is of the low-power DDR3L selection, however to stay prices low while not compromising space for storing, there is a ancient 500GB spinning disc drive. A solid-state drive would are additional in line with the remainder of the configuration and would have helped boost speeds quite an bit.