Bobcat Bulletin

November 16, 2015

Dear FSS Staff,

I hope you loved that mid-week break as much as I did. Just made us all long for our week off. The next 5 weeks to Christmas break will fly by. Our focus this next few weeks will be on giving the benchmark in the most intentional way, continuing with instruction and analyzing our benchmarks. Our team of teachers that attended the PLC conference gained deeper knowledge on formative assessments: how to write them, give them, discuss the data and what to do with the data (especially around math). We will share more with you during our PLC's in December. This Wednesday is a day to finalize your report cards. We need to send home award invites with report cards on Friday as well. Nydia will be collecting the names this week. We will not have a Staff Development in December to allow for more time with your grade level to plan, create common (formative) assessments, study the data and develop further instructional plans.

We are all anxious about the safety of our school and our rooms over the break/s. Please do not come in on the weekends or over the break. I will be discussing our situation with the district and hope to find some peace in a solution. Please be very vigilant by locking up and locking away enticing items. Closing your blinds daily is a great deterrent. Cover your door windows with decorations so they can not see into your rooms. Give them no reason to think they want to party in your room. We must lock gates behind us if we open them. Minimize all attractions to our school as much as possible.

We need every teacher on duty for 10 minutes after school. One from each grade level must escort kids to the car loop, one to the front grass and one the main hall. We are needing upper grade representation in the car loop especially. It is our opportunity to be available, approachable and visible. It also helps ensure a calm dismissal.

Thank you!