Healthy Eating!

How to ensure you have a healthy life style!

Are you healthy?

It is EXTREAMLY important to be healthy if you want to lead a happy life. Being healthy means: You get 8+ hours of sleep if your a child or 6+ hours of sleep if your and adult, doing at least half an hour exercise a day and eating your 5-a-day. It is also important to make sure you eat your breakfast because without it, you will have no fuel for the day. Its like trying to drive your car when it has no petrel.

Not eating fruit and vegetables or doing exsercise could result in bad illnesses...

How to be healthy

Here are some things you can do to make sure you are leading a healthy life style:


One way of making sure you are healthy is by having the right amount of sleep; 8 hours for children and 6 hours for adults. It is important that you give your brain and body rest before the next day.


It is important you get some healthy things into your body. Not doing so could result in illness. Eating 5 fruits or vegetables a day is the average amount but of course it is better for you if you eat more.


Another way of ensuring that you are healthy is exsercise. The amount you should be doing in half and hour, or 30 minutes, a day. It is important to burn off any extra calories for suger in sweets/chocolate/crisps ect.


Finally, breakfast. As i said before, it is important to give you body fuel for the day. It is like trying to drive a car with no fuel. It will also help you with work or school. Working on an empty stomach is hard.

Snacks to avoid

Some snacks are obvious that they are unhealthy or have lots of suger. Some snacks you might think are ok, are not!

1) Some childrens Ceareal

Sugary cereals targeted to children are loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar. According to a March 2010 article, most cereals for children contain as much as 65 percent more sugar than adult cereals!

2 )Some Yogurts

Yogurt is another should-be healthy snack that has been hijacked by the food industry. Many yogurts are made to be low- or non-fat but are loaded with added sugar and other ingredients that are completely superfluous.

3)Excess salt

Average salt use-age in america is 10-15 grams a day. The National Academy of Sciences recommends 3-8 grams. To cut your salt intake in half, limit table salt and avoid chips, salted nuts and popcorn and most prepared, canned and packaged foods

What do different coloured fruit and vegetables give you?


Being healthy is one of the most important things and something you should think about and not just ignore it because you think video games and the T.V. is better and more important... Because it's not!!! . Being healthy means you can have a fun and happy life without any worries. Remember to follow the 4 tips that I have told you and you are sure to be healthy and happy!