Aliens to Earth

Sites to see.

Natural Features

Some significant natural features that you should go and visit are the Pacific Ocean, Mount St. Helen, and the Serengeti plains in Africa. If you do not know what a natural feature is it is not made by man and it is just there.

Natural features

Mount st Helen

Mount st. Helen is a volcano. A volcano is a big mountain that has lava that flows down the mountain and destroys every thing in its path. Some opportunities that volcanoes provide are that if they are in water or by water they can create land.

Packing list for Mount St. Helen and Tips

You should bring a coat, pants, boots, and hiking gear like hiking stick, rope water, food, and a phone for emergencies. Some tips are that it gets cold so be prepared.

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is an big body of salt water. There are some bad things like tsunamis that can happen in the Pacific Ocean. A tsunamis is a big wave that destroys a lot of things. The ocean is a good thing for a lot of good things too. You can get a lot of food and you can get a job on oceans. Oceans have a lot of wild life in it . There are a lot of dangerous animals in the oceans like sharks, sting rays, and killer whales. California is where you can go visit the Pacific Ocean and that is where you can get a hotel.

Packing List and Tips for the Pacific Ocean.

If you go on a boat then you probably want to bring some thing warm because the wind is bad a lot of the time. You should bring something warm like pants, t-shirt, and a sweat shirt. If you are on the shore then you should bring sandals shorts and a t-shirt. Some tips are that you need to be careful of the dangerous animals and tsunamis.

The Serengeti plains.

The Serengeti plains in Africa are a big flat land with a lot of wiled life and very little trees . There is not a lot of water. It is good for farming and tourists. Be careful because there is some dangerous animals and you can get hurt.

Some Tips and a packing list for the Serengeti Plains.

It gets very hot so you probably won't to bring shorts, t shirt, and shoes and if you won't sunscreen. Be careful there are a lot of bad things like lions, army ants, and more.

This is a Time Zone

A time zone is showing how the time is different. You can lose time and you can gain time.

The Climate

The closer you are to the middle of the earth the warmer it is and the farther you are the colder it's going to be.

The Compass

This is an other way you can split up the earth and it can help you find the direction you need to go.

Some Other Places to Visit

Some other places you should go and visit are Mount Vesuvius, Atlantic Ocean, and Lake Huron.