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Duct Tape Projects

Duct tape projects are fun and exciting to do! I love doing them and sharing it with the World. Im Cherokee Allen 18 years old trying to make it through college.I would love to make someting for anyone who would appreciate my time and effort on these projects.

My information

For duct tape costing quite a bit of money my prices are pretty low, but if people will love them as much as I do then Im sure I will get my moneys worth. I make Hair bows, Cell phone holders, Wallets, and flowers. Please look at the examples below of what I have created and hopefully I can create you one with any pattern that you like out of my collection.


Cell phone Holder

Single Pattern- $2.00More than one- $.75 each added patternDecorated- $3.00
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I have many patterns, but do run out and if you have any questions please contact me and I will be able to read off what I have in my little collection. As of right now I have... 1.Polka dot 2. Blue and Purple Leopard 3. Zebra 4. Pink zebra 5. Lime green 6. Hawaiian 7. Zigzag 8. Crossbones 9. Checkered 10. Splatter 11. Gold 12.Teal 13. Black 14. Army 15. Pink 16. Spider 17. Piece signs 18. Plad and 19. Flames.