Crispus Attucks

Joey Van Zeeland

win born and family life

Crispus Attucks was bourn in Boston and his dad was a slave who was brout to America .His mouther was a Nancy Indian the Boston Gazette on Oct 2 1750.

3 important facts

  1. In 1775 Hall and 14 free blacks joined a British army lodge of masons who were stationed in Boston.
  2. His dad was an america slave in Boston and his mother was a Natick Indian.
  3. Chris had run away win he was a slave.

Role in the revoiution

He was the first man to give up his life in the war.

life after the revolution

He lived inlet he was 72 and died in 1807.

Famous for

he was famous for being the first one to be killed in the America Independents war.