Sneak Peek

2T Edison School * September 8, 2014 * Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

We are learning about Character Counts and our class and school rules and procedures. This week we will learn about our class jobs and some students will have the chance to begin these responsibilities. Each child will have the opportunity to have a job and be the king or queen of Second Grade as the year progresses.


This week, we will practice our first Daily Five choice; Read to Self. This process includes how to use our library, how to choose the best spot to read and how to build reading stamina. The students are beginning to learn how to choose a “good fit” book, using the I PICK strategy.

I – I choose a book

P – What is my purpose?

I – Am I interested in this book?

C – Do I comprehend what I read?

K – Do I know almost every word?

Our second Daily Five choice, Work on Writing, will be introduced and practiced. We will create charts to help explain the expectations and responsibilities for which the students will be held accountable.

The students will be introduced to the reading strategies, Check for Understanding, Summarize Using Sequence of Events, Tune into Interesting Words, Skip the Word, Then Come Back, and Reread for understanding. Through daily read alouds, these strategies will be modeled and practiced. Afterward, the strategy will be placed on our CAFÉ Menu for future use.

Our first full week of school will allow us to launch into the second grade writer’s workshop. The writing center will be presented and the students will be reminded how to use and take care of all materials. The students will begin writing in their Writer’s Notebook. They will create a heart map, that will list all their "loves". We will be using the heart maps to develop and write stories throughout the year. Students will also begin to learn how to carry on as independent writers.


First, the students will be introduced to our daily math routines, become acclimated to the math message and familiarize themselves with contents in their tool kits.

Lesson 1-1: Math Message and Number Sequences

• Counting on by ones

• Reading and writing numbers to 10’s, 100’s and 1.000’s

• Comparing and ordering numbers on a number line

Lesson 1-2: Tools and Coins

• Counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s using coins

• Using a counting-up strategy to calculate the total value of coin combinations

Lesson 1-3: Calendars and Clocks

• Using probability terms to describe events

• Naming the days in a week

• Telling and showing time to the nearest half-hour

• Describing calendar patterns and using them to solve problems

Lesson 1-4:

Partner Routines

• Comparing numbers in Addition


• Using Addition Top-It to practice

addition facts

• Writing number sentence

Social Studies:

We will be learning about our classroom rules and procedures. We will also review Edison School rules and the Character Counts Program. We will begin Unit One of our Social Studies curriculum, Living in a Community. We will learn the definition of community, and the need for rules within a community. We will also learn about the responsibilities of citizens in a community.

Mark Your Calendars:

September 10th- Back To School Night 7:00-8:30

September 24th-Library Begins!

September 26th Spirit Day

September 30th- Vote for the Bond Referendum

October 7th- School Picture Day


Please put your child’s name on their water bottles

• Bring in a labeled art smock

• Bring in labeled headphones or earbuds

• 1 re-closable plastic snack bag containing: 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 5 nickels and 25 pennies

• Please have your child put their name and number on all assignments