An interview with Mrs. Ramsey

By: Kayla Vega

Who is Mrs.Ramsey?

Mrs.Ramsey had started her teacher career by going to college at Regis university in Denver, Colorado. There she had got a mathematics degree and also a business degree. She has taught only 10th grade geometry for 15 years. She started off teaching at Marlin High School for 3 years, After that she taught at Spring High School for six years. Then she moved to Waco and stayed there for 3 years teaching. Final she started teaching at Tomball High School and this year will be her third year here.

If I had to describe Mrs.Ramsey in three words I would say she's intelligent, caring, and hard-working. I think she is intelligent because she always knows what she talking about and helps me and other students understand problems fully that we may not have know. I also think shes caring because she's always willing to stay after and help students out with geometry if they have any questions or lets us correct answers on a test for extra points. Lastly I think Mrs.Ramsey is very hard-working because she will spend all night just grading students test so they can see what grade we got the next day and see what they got wrong so they can improve on the next test.

More about Mrs.Ramsey

Class Environment:

. Quiet

.Lots of students

. Felt like a hard-working environment

. Students help each other with problems they didn't understand

Classroom Management:

. Has an in and out box for each period

. Keeps restroom passes in notebooks

. Has files with extra copies of assignments

. Has a calculator pouch

. Puts papers students need to pick up in the front of the room next to the door so they don't miss it.

Teaching Strategies:

. Has students fill in notes

. Goes over homework ever day and ask if anyone had questions.

. Make's sure every student has a notebook just for Geometry

Hours Per Week:

. Works 50+ hours per week

Biggest Challenge As A Teacher:

. The biggest challenge for her being a teacher is keeping up with all the paper work.

Biggest Reward From Teaching:

. The biggest reward for teaching is the "Aha moments" students get

How Much Self-Motivation Is Needed:

. Mrs.Ramsey believes on a scale of 1-10 you need a 9 for self-motivation.